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Great Escapes Aloha Magazine 1992

Great Summer Escapes

By Chandra Quinlan and Lance Tominaga (edited)
June 1992, Aloha magazine

White Water Rafting

Discover ”river magic” on one of Dvorak’s Expeditions’ twenty-nine rafting excursions on ten rivers in the heart of America. Do you want to float and relax or do want an adrenaline-pumping ride? Is camping your style or do you prefer accommodations in a national park lodge? Are you more comfortable in warm desert or cool mountain air? Each river has its own personality, and Dvorak’s suggests trips that are compatible with both your desires and capabilities (the rapids of each river rated from I, easy to V, the limit of sane rafting). The Classical Music River Journey down the Dolores River, which runs through Colorado and Utah, is one of Dvorak’s most interesting specialty trips. Musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic present a private concert of Mozart, Bach, Handel, Haydn and Ravel classics in a “concert Hall” bordered by majestic cliffs. The cost for this eight-day option is $1,550. Other tour prices (excluding airfare) range from $32 for a half-day trip down the Arkansas River to $1,929 for a thirteen-day adventure along the Colorado River.

All expeditions are led by knowledgeable veteran rafters, and include state-of-the-art kayak and canoe equipment, meals, rain jacket and pants, first air and safety supplies, and waterproof bags to carry personal gear. Children and non-swimmers are welcome.

For more information, write to Dvorak’s Kayaking and Rafting Expeditions at 17921-B U.S. Highway 285, Nathrop, Colorado 81236 or call toll free (800)-824-3795.