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Float Fishing the Gunnison River in the Fall

Gold Medal Catch and Release Trout Fishing in Colorado

Our Colorado rafting season is nearing the end, but there are still plenty of outdoor adventures for you to enjoy. The great part about the rafting slowing down, is that the rivers become less crowded, which is when all the fly fishermen and women come out to play. Take advantage of some quiet time on the rivers of Colorado by Float Fishing the Gunnison River Gorge.

Imagine 4 peaceful days trout fishing in award winning waters on the Gunnison River Gorge.

Imagine 4 peaceful days trout fishing in award winning waters on the Gunnison River Gorge.

Exclusive fly fishing trip to Gunnison River Gorge

The 14 mile trail to the Gold Medal Trout Fishery of the Gunnison River is a hidden jewel and a must see for any fly fisherman. To get to the clear, cold waters of the Gunnison, you have to brave a little whitewater action as we travel the narrow river corridor before hiking one mile down to the canyon floor. Dvorak will have transported all your camping gear necessary the day before, and will provide dry bags back packs for you to carry your personal gear.

The steep hike is well worth it as you hit the canyon floor, letting the solitude, wilderness and gorgeous scenery envelop you and put you in the perfect state for a few days of incredible trout fishing. But, remember to protect this little pearl for future visitors. That means picking up your trash, leaving plants and nature alone and encouraging everyone to practice catch and release.

Book your 2 to 3 day Colorado Gunnison Gorge Fly Fishing trip with Dvorak

Call (800) 824-3795/(719) 539-6851 to book your 2 or 3 day Gunnison Gorge Fly Fishing Float trip.

Dvorak offers rafting, kayaking and fishing trips of the Colorado River, Dolores River, Green River, Arkansas River, Gunnison River, Salmon River, North Platte River, San Miguel River and Rio Grande River.

We practice "catch and release" and can show you how to safely hold you trout for that Kodak moment so that you don't unintentionally hurt the trout in the process.

This is a safe and harmless way to hold your fish before safely releasing it.

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