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Customer Looks Forward to Gore Canyon

Dear Jennifer, “Office Chix”

I cannot believe this.  This is outrageous.  My whole trip has now been ruined; I was counting on those pictures to prove to everyone the other guys paddling in my boat were a bunch of pansies hiding in the center every time we hit a wave or even a ripple.  In addition due to excessive partying in my younger years I have short term memory loss and will probably forget about the trip in a couple of hours, I needed those pictures.  I guess what we can do is this,  I will send you a picture of me and you can cut the head off and paste it on someone is hammering through a big rapid. Even better, if you could paste it on one of the more ripped guides bodies in a boat full of female rafters that would be appreciated.  It would be a way cooler story to tell/show my friends that I was guiding a raft full of hardcore chix through the numbers rather than hanging with a bunch of dudes in wetsuits.

Ok just kidding.  We had a great time running the river with you guys.  I really enjoy the fact that we had no one else with us and we were able to run the river without a whole mass of boats.  I have run most of the rivers in Colorado several times and since I do not have enough time to spend on the river learning to run my own boat I must use river companies such as yours.  I have run other rivers with many other companies including Dvorak’s before, and can honestly say that you guys have the best operation.  I have some very close friends who are in turn very close with the owners and would have probably give me a load of sh%t  if they actually saw pictures of me looking like a gaper/tourist with all the gear on, especially since I have been on the river quite a few times.

Also, even though Mat is a paddle Nazi I think I learned more tips from him on paddling than anyone else yet.  He was cool to boat with and the other guys were great too.  I will look forward to doing Gore Canyon with Mat later this summer when it is running.

Thanks again,

Eric Galvan
Arkansas River on the Numbers @ cut off level “BIG WATER”