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Controversial Developments Regarding Tourism and the Grand Canyon

When you plan a trip with Dvorak Expeditions, the main focus is of course rushing down the many rivers of the great South Western United States. But, the river wouldn’t be anything without being surrounded by amazing landscapes, nature and wildlife to help enhance the outdoor experience.

Instructional rafting course

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Preseving the integrity of the Grand Canyon, while allowing more people access

We want to share our love of the rivers and the surrounding nature and wildlife with as many people as possible. But we want to be able to share it in all its natural beauty. There is a fine line between making natural wonders and historical sites available to tourists, and turning these landmarks into amusement parks. It is this fine line that is sparking controversy about the future of the Grand Canyon.

New Grand Canyon developments spark controversy

Dvorak supports many conservation efforts

At Dvorak Expeditions we want to be able to continue to explore and play in the great rivers of the Southwestern United States. This is not just a business to us, it is a way of life and we support a number of conservation efforts to help protect and preserve the rivers, wildlife and natural ecosystems that depend on the rivers for survival. We will follow the developments around the new plans for the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, as well as many other conservation initiatives to save our dwindling rivers and incredible landmarks with great historical significance, like the Grand Canyon. You can feel good about booking a whitewater rafting river adventure with DVK Expeditions. Enjoy the great outdoors, without leaving a trace. Help preserve this great land for many generations to come.

Colorado Rock Climbing

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