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A Guide to Colorado’s Best Fishing Spots for Your Next Big Catch

Yellow inflatable raft loaded up with gear on the side of a river

Colorado is a haven for anglers, boasting various rivers and lakes teeming with fish. Its diverse landscapes offer both serene and challenging fishing experiences, catering to the preferences of every angler. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran with many catches or a beginner eager to cast your first line, Colorado’s Trout waters provide an ideal backdrop for fishing adventures! Dvorak Expeditions is Colorado’s 1st Licensed Outfitter and has the perfect Trout rivers for your 2024 adventure.

Gold Medal Trout Waters of the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is renowned for its 102 miles of Gold Medal waters, which indicates the highest quality and quantity of trout fishing in Colorado. The river’s extensive stretches provide ideal fly fishing and bait casting conditions. Here, you can reel in various trout, including the sought-after brown and rainbow trout. The serene river setting and the abundance of fish make it a top choice for a tranquil yet exciting fishing excursion.

a man sitting on top of a river

The Gunnison River Gorge Experience

Embark on a unique adventure with a custom float fishing trip on the Gunnison River Gorge, known for its exceptional fly fishing opportunities. This destination is not just a fishing spot; it’s an experience that combines the thrill of angling with the serenity of unspoiled nature.

The Gunnison Gorge is a catch-and-release fishery, with an impressive fish count of over 7,000 rainbow and brown trout per mile, with around 1,000 of these ranging from 14 to 35 inches in size. In perspective, Gold Medal fisheries have 60 pounds of fish per acre, while the Gunnison River offers over 400 pounds per acre! Accessible only by foot, it requires a 1-mile hike into the Gorge, immersing you in an authentic wilderness experience. Limited persons (8) per date means calling Dvorak Expeditions early to book this fishing paradise trip.

The Scenic San Miguel River

The San Miguel River is a prime spot for anglers, offering the unique experience of wade-walk trips and ideal conditions for spring and fall day floats. This river caters to those who prefer a more active approach to fishing, allowing you to wade through its clear waters in search of the perfect spot. It’s home to abundant trout, including cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout, set against a backdrop of stunning natural scenery. The tranquility of the river, combined with the vibrant seasonal colors, creates an idyllic setting for a peaceful yet engaging day of fishing.

Preparing for Your Fishing Trip

a man riding on a raft in a body of water

When planning your fishing trip in Colorado, it’s essential to be well-prepared. Ensure you have the appropriate fishing license, gear, and knowledge of local regulations. For beginners or those looking for a guided experience, professionally guided fishing trips offer expert advice and access to the best fishing spots.

At Dvorak Expeditions, our offerings range from half-day outings to immersive 3-day excursions, each meticulously tailored to maximize your experience on these western trout rivers. Your fishing adventure is in capable hands with expert guides well-versed in selecting the perfect flies and tackle for each specific river and season. We utilize state-of-the-art rafts designed for a maximum of two anglers and a guide, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fishing experience. Whether you bring your gear or opt for rentals, your guides will have the correct tackle and expertise to enhance your chances of catching that trophy fish!

Browse our fishing trip information online and call (719)539-6851 to learn more about planning your next fishing adventure on some of Colorado’s most plentiful rivers.