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10 SUP Activities You’re Totally Missing Out On


Lake SUPing is pretty awesome, but there is a whole slew of rad SUP activities you’re missing out on! No need to have FOMO, Summer isn’t over yet and you have plenty of time to check these off your bucket list!

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water

1. SUP Surfing
Catch some waves with a SUP board this summer! SUP boards are stable and sturdy making it perfect for catching waves. Don’t have a beach? Like us here in Colorado… no problems we don’t have to worry about catching the perfect swell here. We have endless waves in our perfect handcrafted river play parks! What’s better than being able to catch some waves any time of day anytime you want?

a man standing on a boat in the water

2. SUP Fishing
Get to all the best fishing spots with your SUP board! Whether it be a river or lake you can maneuver wherever the fish may be. SUP fishing maybe your new secret weapon for getting the catch of the day every day.

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

3. Downriver SUPing
Test your SUP skills with some downriver SUPing. Whether you choose an easy town run or a whitewater run you’re in for a full body workout both mentally and physically. Steering around rapids and rocks will leave you hooked to run all the rivers you can.

a raft next to a body of water

4. Have A SUP Nap
Not only is your SUP a tool to have as much fun possible, it is also your personal inflatable mattress. Let some air out and take a snooze in the sun while you rest up for your next SUP activity. Although you might be tempted to kill two birds with one stone and try out a SUP tanning session while you nap make sure you do don’t forget your sunscreen!

a group of people walking on a beach

5. Do A SUP Race
We all love some good old fashion competition! Why not show the world your SUP talent and enter one of the many SUP races available to you around the world.

a man riding on the back of a boat with a dog

6. Take Your Dog for a SUP Walk
Need another reason to hang out with your pup more? SUPing is the perfect activity you both will love! Take your dog out on the lake for a day or even try out a little downriver SUP with your pup. Turns out Dogs love SUPing just as much as you!

a person riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

7. Try Some SUP Yoga
Ready to work that core even more? SUP yoga puts your stability to the test! The best part is if you get too hot during your workout your just one slip away from a full cool off.

a young man carrying a surf board

8. Have a SUP Picnic
Take your pal or the apple of your eye out for a SUP picnic. Enjoy the scenic view and the wind through your hair while you impress your date with your creative rendezvous.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

9. Battle Your Mates in Some SUP Boxing
Don’t get mad or upset at the people in your life…. Fix your problems and frustrations with some SUP Boxing! Even if you’re not in a disagreement its a whole lot of fun to battle your buddies on a giant SUP board while you both try to keep your balance. This SUP activity is definitely one for the books.

a small boat in a body of water

10. Go adventuring on a SUP Tour
SUP boards don’t just have to be a one-day activity. Take you SUP on a multi-day adventure. With the right gear bags and straps, you can pack a few days worth of food and supply. The best part is you have your mattress ready to go every night.

Rent a standup paddleboard today and starting planning your adventure!