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White water rafting the Karnali River in Nepal

(Cover Photo: The Karnali River, Nepal. Photo credit: Sherparinji)

The best white water rafting outside of Colorado

Think you’ve conquered the North American great outdoors? It’s time to test those skills as you trek for two days through the Nepalese jungle to get to some of the best whitewater thrills this great earth has to offer.

Just because it’s too cold to raft the rivers of the great Southwest doesn’t mean you have to pack your paddles away for the season. There are class IV rapids waiting for you in international whitewater, and your trusted guides at DVK can help you set up an unforgettable experience on the Karnali River in Nepal.

Best international whitewater rafting adventures

Mt. Everest towering above the clouds as it sits majestically atop of the tiny kingdom of Nepal.
Photo by Sudan Shrestha

Mt. Everest seems to get most of the credit for bringing in extreme sportsmen and adventurous. And it’s hard to miss as this majestic mountain rises from sea level to 29,000 ft. That’s a tall order for a tiny kingdom that is only 100 km wide. But, what Nepal lacks in size, it make up for with some of the most incredible and challenging mountain climbing, jungle walking and whitewater rafting in the world, all the while keeping your eyes peeled for tigers, rhinos, sloth bears and monkeys that draw adventure lovers from around the world.

The Legend of the Karnali River

Karnali River springs from a sacred river in Tibet, Mount Tailash, the center of the universe for Buddhists and Hindus alike. The Karnali travels south to Tibet where it snakes through breathtaking canyons and remote jungle areas, all the while providing rafting enthusiasts “a thrill a minute.”

The best international whitewater rafting

The Karnali River in Nepal boast class IV world class rapids, as well as scenic floats, in this action packed international whitewater rafting adventure. Photo by filippo_jean

This international adventure is action-packed, taking you from the highest peaks to the steamy lowland jungles. This trip should be on the bucket list of any serious paddler.

Take a break from the Colorado winter and whisk yourself and a group of enthusiastic paddlers away to the most spectacular white water rafting river in the world!