Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 | 3-Day Course | SRT-1


This Swiftwater Rescue 3 International Course is approximately 24-30 hours total with 8-10 hours of classroom and approximately 16-20 hours in the field. It is suggested that the class be held over 3 days, but it can be adjusted to fit shift and other schedules.

Call for locations of Classes held in alternate cities in Colorado.

To fully complete all the requirements of the NFPA 1670 Standard for water and rope at the technician level, each student, in addition to the SRT-1, must complete the Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced (SRT-A) and have a rope course that meets that standard’s requirements. The rope training can be taught either by Rescue 3 (our Technical Rope Rescue: Technician Level course TRR), by another recognized rope-training course from your state, or by departmental training. To meet the conditions for water technician, the rope requirements must also be met.

General Objectives

  1. To develop a sense of confidence and necessary skills for fire and rescue personnel in dealing with swiftwater situations.
  2. To train the student in utilization and adaptation of standard rescue gear in swiftwater situations.
  3. To train the student in usage of innovative rescue equipment in swiftwater situations.

Behavioral Objectives

Upon completion of this course the student will:

  1. Have a sound working knowledge of swift water dynamics and water-related physiology.
  2. Be able to recognize and treat the signs and symptoms of specific medical problems related to water accidents.
  3. Have a working knowledge of all equipment used including: safety gear, climbing gear, lights, boats, signaling devices, specialized gear and vehicles.
  4. Be able to utilize helicopters as a rescue asset; understand their characteristics, capabilities, and limitations; including safety considerations while working around helicopters.
  5. Be able to rescue and extricate an accident victim from the water.
  6. Be able to safely swim in swiftwater and maneuver so as to negotiate river hazards and obstacles at various water levels.
  7. Be able to handle small inflatable boats by paddle, oar and on tether.
  8. Have a general knowledge of applicable communications systems.
  9. Have knowledge of law-enforcement responsibilities and on-scene leadership.
  10. Understand swift-water rescue team organization and the response of the victim.
  11. Be able to utilize climbing and technical rescue gear applicable to swift-water rescue.
  12. Be able to ford shallow and fast-moving water utilizing various techniques.
  13. Be able to cross deep, slow-moving and fast-moving water utilizing basic climbing gear, small boats, and combinations of the two.

Duration: 3 Days
Activity Level: Moderate-Difficult
Pricing: $445 Per Person

The class is mostly field skills with minimal classroom time. Prerequisites are the students be in reasonable physical conditions, have basic strong swimming abilities and have current medical coverage.

Rescue 3 International Courses have been enthusiastically received by state offices of emergency services, state fire marshals, the America Outdoors, the Colorado River Outfitters Association, the New Mexico Outfitters Association, the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada, and many others.

Each of these courses are an intensive 3 day, 30 hour class, the SRT-Unit 1 and Sierra Rescue Courses: River Rescue Course Pro; programs includes an in-depth look at such subjects as swift water dynamics and hydrology,  boat-based rescues, technical rescue system, in-white water contact rescues, rescue organization and scene management, technical gear and rope systems, flood rescue problems, low head dam rescues, and much more. RRCP is designed specifically for people who DO NOT require (NFPA) Standards.   It covers the same skills as the (SRT-1), but puts an emphasis on achieving those skills with a minimum of personnel and equipment.

NOTE: It is the first of two classes needed for fire personnel wanting to meet the requirements of (NFPA) 1670 Standard for water at the technician level.

Dvorak ExpeditionsRescue 3 International, The National Certification and the standard for river and flood rescue – These are the most widely taught courses of its kind. Originally certified by the United States Lifesaving Association, the SRT-1 course meets the requirements of the NFPA 1670 Standard and is recognized by many other groups. SRT-1 and RRP is not a clinic or a workshop.  It is a comprehensive course of specific behavioral objectives, with practical and written tests prior to certification.  In the current climate of liability and risk SRT-1 and RRCP provides a standard that has been achieved by some 90,000 people from numerous organizations throughout the U.S.A. since 1979. The program is also taught regularly in over 13 other countries. The class is mostly field skills with minimum classroom time.  The prerequisites are that the students be in reasonable physical condition and have basic strong swimming abilities and have current medical coverage.

NOTE: Courses are scheduled for more than 1 location please note location when making your reservation.

Meeting location for each course may change. Verify when making reservation as to which location will apply:

NATHROP MAIN BASE LOCATION FOR MOST COURSES: Dvorak Expeditions main base located 10 miles south of Buena Vista on Highway 285 (17921 US Highway 285, Nathrop, CO 81236). (719) 539-6851 office phone. (Arkansas River- Numbers and Salida sections)  If there is a change in course meeting location we will contact you prior to course.  All courses not designated below as seperate date locations.

*ALMONT, CO –LOCATION: Meeting location is at the Three Rivers Resort in Almont, CO  81210 at 8:30 a.m.  (Taylor River) The course will be on the Taylor.  Lodging and camping is available with the 3 Rivers Resort.  Call for lodging info (970) 641.1303:

* FT.COLLINS, CO:  Meeting location is Rocky Mountain Adventures Outpost.  800 858-6808 for camping and location details. Address is 1117 N. Highway 287, Ft. Collins, CO 80522.  Outpost is on the corner of Hwy 287 and Shields Street.  (Poudre River) Lunches are provided and will be added to the course cost $20 for 3 days.

EARLY COURSES (Call to verify location.)  Water levels may dictate the section of river and confirm with your reservation the meeting details) Call 800 824.3795 and give your date of course and reservation number.


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Tag along kayaker

Great day on the river tagging along w/ Will and his raft group. Water was a whitewater challenge....got me once. Thanks again for the shuttle and the wild afternoon on the Arkansas.
- Tom Schembra


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