Inflatable Kayak Lesson (Group) | Full Day | Arkansas River, CO


Situated in the Heart of the Rockies, the Arkansas River threads its way through a vacationer’s paradise. From the river’s source in the snowy peaks of the Saguache Range to the bottom of the Royal Gorge near Canon City, the Arkansas has all levels of whitewater from beginner to intermediate.

Courses are for 2 or more persons and private lessons are available by arrangement only.

Single or double Inflatable kayak, Paddle, Life Jacket, and Helmet are included. DVK will provide guide and transportation to the put-in location and pick up at the end of the trip. Our guide(s) will travel with you down the river. We will need to have the forms completed from our website with your personal sizes, ability (experience level), release form to bring with you to check in.

Full-Day | Class II-III Rapids
Beginner to Moderate
PRICING: $129 per person

Your package will include Single or double Inflatable kayak, Paddle, Life Jacket, Helmet.  Dvorak will provide transportation to the put-in location and pick up at the end of the trip.  Our guide(s) will travel with you down the river.

Please specify in notes either kayak/canoe/raft/inflatable kayak instructions.

  1. You start your whitewater full day with Dvoraks by checking in at the office: (See map and location notes) at 8:30 a.m.
  2. Your guides will show the way with fitting out your personal floatation device (PFD) and they will issue your wetsuit & boots by size for you to fit and dress for the trip. We will have rain jackets and pants for each guest onboard the raft in the group dry bag. You can also place your personal items such as (sunscreen, fleece jacket, small towel into this same bag. You might want to place them in a large zip lock bag to keep them easy to view and find all together from the dry bag later in the day. If you have a camera (waterproof), lip sunscreen, or items you want to get to often a fanny pack works great to wear.
  3. Once you have gathered up your items for the day you will take your PFD, personal items, and wetsuit/boots and make your way to the bus or van for transportation by Dvoraks will be provided to the river “Put In” launch.
  4. NOTE: You want to make sure that you have left your keys at the front desk with the attendant and locked your valuables into your car. Your things are safe on our private property. On return from the trip, you’ll have your keys ready for you to change into dry items, shower, etc. The shop will have photos, t-shirts and many fun items for your whitewater souvenirs. Once you arrive at the river your guides will direct you to the area where they will give you the safety talk and demonstrate the techniques for your raft crew; i.e. paddle where each person will paddle thru the rapids with the guide instructor or ride the rapids on an oar-powered by your guide at the 10’ oars. Launch onto the river should be about 9:30 a.m. Now you’re on your way and a full day of wild rapids class II & III lots of adrenaline that will come and go as you cover about 18 miles of river in a full day.
  5. Now there is still half a day left and you will stop for a deli lunch prepared by your Dvorak staff… Cold drinks, fresh fruits, and deli sandwiches you create yourself. Chips and cookies for the sweet tooth and always-fresh water for you throughout the day.
  6. You will finish the day with some great rapids and in the quiet spots, it might be the time to water war with those on the other rafts. Time for paybacks from an earlier soaking you got.
  7. You can revisit your day’s events with your guide and see those Great photos taken of you and your family or group that day. Don’t forget the “Dry” t-shirt and take one home to those that missed this fantastic day on the Arkansas River! “I can’t believe we actually saw a whole bunch of Big Horn Sheep right there next to us.”


  • $45 per-day Drysuits (gasket damage additional)
  • $75 One-day Inflatable Kayak ‘Duckie’ 1 or 2 man w/ paddle, pfd, helmet ($50 boat only)
  • $85 One-day Hard-shell Kayak: Floatation, paddle, pfd, helmet, spray skirt (Boat only $50)
  • $6 ea. One-day for any accessory item: PFD, Helmet, Spray Jacket, Paddle


Major airports are Denver International or Colorado Springs; rental car or van from there to the Arkansas Valley. Car rentals are available in Denver or Colorado Springs. There are "limited" jeep and domestic rental vehicles available in the Arkansas valley by prior arrangement. Salida and Buena Vista, Colorado have small aircraft facilities and charter flights only are available with adequate numbers for charter. Arrive in Salida or Buena Vista, Colorado the day prior to the trip


To reach our Browns Canyon/Nathrop Base, 17921 US Hwy 285, Nathrop, CO 81236.

FROM DENVER: You will follow Hwy 285 out of Denver all the way to the Base located 5 miles south of Nathrop. It is approximately 160 miles from Denver Airport to the Nathrop Base (4 hours). Mtn road driving is slower but, a beautiful part of the Rocky Mountains and you should allow extra driving time to sight-see. FROM COLO.SPRINGS: use Hwy 24 west connecting with US Hwy 285 north & south towards Buena Vista. Turn south on Hwy 285-11 miles, you will see on the west side our sign just north of the Gas station and Prospector Rock Shop on Hwy 285. Royal Gorge and BigHorn Sheep Canyon has an optional meeting location for groups: FROM COLO. SPRINGS: take Hwy 115 and Hwy 50 west through Canon City. Meeting @ Parkdale Launch site is about 10 miles west of Canon City on Hwy 50.

FROM JOHNSON'S VILLAGE: take Hwy 285 through Nathrop which joins with Hwy 50 east, via Hwy 291 through Salida. Travel @ 60 miles to the Parkdale launch site (Arkansas Headwaters Rec. Area).

Arrive at the appropriate arranged meeting location @ confirmed time (depending on trip) on the first day. You will meet your guides at either DVK Nathrop base or Parkdale launch site. The travel time to the river by bus/van varies with each canyon and start point. Confirm prior to start date. There is a secure private parking area at the Nathrop base for you to leave your vehicle and belongings. AHRA ‘Parkdale’ launch site will require a state park parking pass in your vehicle $7-10.


At the end of your day or the final day of your trip, Dvorak's van or bus will either deliver you to the place where you left your car or return you to your lodging or arranged drop off point. "River Time is unpredictable." Please keep this in mind when you make final day commitments.


Check our helpful links page for recommended lodgings pre- and post-trip.


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Tag along kayaker

Great day on the river tagging along w/ Will and his raft group. Water was a whitewater me once. Thanks again for the shuttle and the wild afternoon on the Arkansas.
- Tom Schembra


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