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4-Days | Rescue 3 Certification 

The Technical Rope Rescue Course is approximately 40 hours total with 4-6 hours of classroom and 34-38 hours in the field. It is suggested that the class be held over 4 days. This agenda can also be adjusted to fit shift and other schedules if necessary.

1:12 instructor-student ratio.

This course integrates the most current technology and research on rope rescue from throughout the world and utilizes “discovery learning” to teach skills necessary to safely effect technical rope rescues in environments ranging from simple over-the-bank situations to vertical cliff and structure rescues.

The course covers basic and specialized equipment, ropes and rigging, safety considerations, scene management and organizations, helicopter applications, special problems, ascending and descending systems, rappelling, belaying lowering and raising systems, Telphers, highlines, and litter management.

This course is designed to meet the competencies in NFPA 1670 Standard for Technical Rescue Operations & Training for Technical Rescue Incidents for rope rescue. This course also meets the competencies of NFPA 1006 Standard for Rescue Professional Qualifications.

Duration: 4 Days
Activity Level: Moderate-Difficult
Pricing: $735 Per Person
Minimum Students: 8 Persons


This course will provide individuals in positions that may involve technical rope rescue operations:

  1. A course of instruction in generally recognized rope rescue techniques.
  2. An exposure to current rope rescue theories and philosophies being taught internationally.
  3. A structured, progressive, hands-on methodology to aid retention of skills, and/or to upgrade existing skills.
  4. A mechanism to improve communication and incident management for technical operations
  5. Application of current safety considerations for rope rescues.
  6. An exposure to pre-planning and size-up of possible locations and hazards where rope rescue operations are needed.


At the completion of this course the student will:

  1. Understand the basic characteristics of ropes, knots, technical gear, and litters used in low angle, to high angle rescue work.
  2. Be able to manage such systems with fair competency in actual terrain.
  3. Understand the management skills needed to direct a technical rope rescue mission.
  4. Be able to tie basic rescue knots.
  5. Understand and utilize basic camming devices and hitches.
  6. Understand and utilize tensioning systems and mechanical advantage systems.
  7. Be able to construct effective anchors, utilize natural and artificial anchors.
  8. Understand and utilize rope protection
  9. Be able to manage a self-belay, and understand the differences between Independent Belays and Conditional Belays
  10. Be able to package a patient into a litter.
  11. Be able to rig a litter attachment system.
  12. Be able to set up and manage a friction lowering system.
  13. Be able to set up and manage a raising system.
  14. Understand the role of the Incident Command Systems and the unique position of Safety Officer in rope rescues.
  15. Ascending and descending a fixed rope, while using ascending and descending devices.
  16. Set and manage a vertical lowering system and switch to a raising system.
  17. Set and manage a system to pass a knot through a raising and lowering system.
  18. Direct a raising and lowering evolution with a litter and litter attendant for a vertical.

NOTE: Courses are scheduled for more than 1 location please note location when making your reservation

Meeting location for each course may change. Verify when making reservation as to which location will apply:

NATHROP MAIN BASE LOCATION FOR MOST COURSES: Dvorak Expeditions main base located 10 miles south of Buena Vista on Highway 285 (17921 US Highway 285, Nathrop, CO 81236). (719) 539-6851 office phone. (Arkansas River- Numbers and Salida sections)  If there is a change in course meeting location we will contact you prior to course.  All courses not designated below as seperate date locations.

*ALMONT, CO --LOCATION: Meeting location is at the Three Rivers Resort in Almont, CO  81210 at 8:30 a.m.  (Taylor River) The course will be on the Taylor.  Lodging and camping is available with the 3 Rivers Resort.  Call for lodging info (970) 641.1303: 

* FT.COLLINS, CO:  Meeting location is Rocky Mountain Adventures Outpost.  800 858-6808 for camping and location details. Address is 1117 N. Highway 287, Ft. Collins, CO 80522.  Outpost is on the corner of Hwy 287 and Shields Street.  (Poudre River) Lunches are provided and will be added to the course cost $20 for 3 days.

EARLY COURSES (Call to verify location.)  Water levels may dictate the section of river and confirm with your reservation the meeting details) Call 800 824.3795 and give your date of course and reservation number. 


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Tag along kayaker

Great day on the river tagging along w/ Will and his raft group. Water was a whitewater me once. Thanks again for the shuttle and the wild afternoon on the Arkansas.
- Tom Schembra


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