Pro-Qualification Rope-Only PQ-R | 2 Day | Whitewater Rescue Course

dvorak expedtions swiftwater rescue course

PQR: PRO-QUAL-ROPE ONLY | 2-Days | Rescue 3 Certification 

This 2 day workshop provides independent verification of a student’s qualification as a water technician as required under NFPA Standard 1006.  Your qualifications must be cleared with Rescue 3 International at to be accepted into the course, to complete requirements, and to prove their competency. Attendees must complete a Task Book prior to attending the workshop. These can be ordered from the corporate office after the completion of a TRR:TL course.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the Instructors Course.

A DYNAMIC water rescue course specifically written and designed for private boaters, kayakers and non-profit organizations!  Basic river skills are a prerequisite! Emphasis is on identifying hazards and on RESCUE itself; both of self and others.  Thinking through rescues is also emphasized.  This is the class you want as a boater to stay safe and know what to do if something goes wrong. This is an American Canoe Association ACA Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue course.  Although this course meets agency Swiftwater Rescue certification requirements for river guides and kayakers; its pace allows for thorough integration of knowledge and practice of the skills that matter.  The two-day format makes the course more affordable and accessible.  This course should be a prerequisite to anyone boating on any river anywhere!  The course addresses the river rescue needs of rafters, cat boaters, kayakers, pack rafters, canoeists, river-boarders and SUP paddlers.

Duration:  2 Days
Activity Level: Moderate-Difficult
Pricing:  $200 Per Person

Programs Meet Requirements Of The NFPA 1670 Standards.

Nationally certified ‘Rescue 3’ courses are the standard for river and flood rescue. They stress skill building in the field (water) with minimum classroom time. Students should be in reasonable physical condition, though strong swimming ability is not required. Certification: “Rescue 3 Inc.”. Note: If desired, you can complete next level courses simultaneous when possible. Find out more about our Ice Rescue Technician Courses and Technical Rope Rescue Courses.

Basic equipment required for each course include a full wet suit or dry suit, Type III or V personal flotation device, light climbing or kayaking helmet, and personal safety items you presently use.

NOTE: Courses are scheduled for more than 1 location please note location when making your reservation

Meeting location for each course may change. Verify when making reservation as to which location will apply:

NATHROP MAIN BASE LOCATION FOR MOST COURSES: Dvorak Expeditions main base located 10 miles south of Buena Vista on Highway 285 (17921 US Highway 285, Nathrop, CO 81236). (719) 539-6851 office phone. (Arkansas River- Numbers and Salida sections)  If there is a change in course meeting location we will contact you prior to course.  All courses not designated below as seperate date locations.

*ALMONT, CO --LOCATION: Meeting location is at the Three Rivers Resort in Almont, CO  81210 at 8:30 a.m.  (Taylor River) The course will be on the Taylor.  Lodging and camping is available with the 3 Rivers Resort.  Call for lodging info (970) 641.1303: 

* FT.COLLINS, CO:  Meeting location is Rocky Mountain Adventures Outpost.  800 858-6808 for camping and location details. Address is 1117 N. Highway 287, Ft. Collins, CO 80522.  Outpost is on the corner of Hwy 287 and Shields Street.  (Poudre River) Lunches are provided and will be added to the course cost $20 for 3 days.

EARLY COURSES (Call to verify location.)  Water levels may dictate the section of river and confirm with your reservation the meeting details) Call 800 824.3795 and give your date of course and reservation number. 

By Plane | Arrive in Grand Junction, Colorado the day prior to your trip. There will be a pre-trip orientation meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Grand Vista Hotel that evening to go over trip logistics and answer questions. The following morning the Grande Vista will provide transportation to the Grand Junction Airport West Star Aviation Bldg. by 7:00 a.m. You will check in at the charter air terminal just east of the main commercial terminal and inform them that you are there to catch a Red Tail Aviation charter flight at 8:00* a.m. (Some flight times vary – see confirmation letter). The flight to the put-in takes approximately 45 minutes. It will fly over the Green River on the way.

Alternative Flight Option | Arrive in Green River, Utah by car or private plane the day prior to your trip. The morning your trip begins, drive out to Red Tail Aviation at the Green River Municipal Airport for your 7:00* a.m. flight to the river. There is no pre-trip meeting in Green River. Parking at the airport is secure. The landing strip is on the mesa above the river. Wait there for our vehicle to pick you up to take you down to the launch area at the river. Any extra belongings, valuables or equipment not needed on the river trip should be stored at your hotel or in your vehicle at the airport in Green River.

By Car | You will need to arrive in Grand Junction for the pre-trip orientation meeting the night before your trip or arrive at the West Star Aviation Airport in Grand Junction at 7:00* a.m. the morning your trip begins  Alternatively you can arrive at the Green River Municipal Airport, four miles south of Green River, Utah, at 6:45 a.m. on the morning of the first day of your trip. Report to Red Tail Aviation at the terminal office for your flight at 7:00* a.m. to the Green River. Any extra belongings, valuables or equipment not needed on the river trip should be stored in your vehicle.

By Train | Amtrak does run through Grand Junction and near Green River Utah. If you are interested in taking the train instead of flying, this is an excellent option for families or individuals who have the extra travel days either side your trip dates.


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Tag along kayaker

Great day on the river tagging along w/ Will and his raft group. Water was a whitewater me once. Thanks again for the shuttle and the wild afternoon on the Arkansas.
- Tom Schembra


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