The Bear Necessities of Bear Safety (part 2)

This time of year bears are on the prowl for as much food as possible as they are getting ready to hibernate for the winter. And just like the bears, people are rushing to arrange their last outdoor recreational activities before the weather gets too cold and it’s time to hit the slopes. Our rafting […]

Technical Rope Rescue Course in Colorado

Get 40 hours of International Technical Rope Rescue: Technician Level training in Colorado. Learn the latest technology and research on rope rescue from around the world. Friday, October 2nd – Monday, October 5th, 2015 (suggested length, dates are flexible) Minimum of 6 student for course to run 4-6 hours in the classroom 34-38 hours in […]

Multi Sport Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking in Colorado

It’s not too late to go rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, zip lining, SUPing, fly fishing and 4×4 touring before the end of Summer! Though many consider Labor Day to be the end of the Summer, you officially have until the end of September before we say goodbye to this season’s whitewater rafting […]

Confessions of a Whitewater Teenage Skill Camper

The only thing we love more than rafting and kayaking the Colorado rapids is hearing from all of the people whom we have shared these experiences with. We see people from all walks of life and all levels of experience, but nothing is more exciting than learning what an impact we have had on our clients. […]

Update on the EPA Waterwater Spill into the Animas River

(Animas River turned yellow due to EPA wastewater spill from the Gold King Mine in Colorado. Photo credit: By Riverhugger) We’re still not sure how the tragic EPA wastewater spill into the Animas River will affect our communities, not to mention the life in the river and all around. Whereas officials seem to be optimistic […]

Green River Rafting: Free for Kids 12 and Under!

Book a  whitewater rafting trip on the Green River from August 8-13th, 2015 and your 12 and under kids will ride along free of charge!   Now the ride may be free, but we still expect them to pick up a paddle and help us navigate through deep canyons and family friendly rapids. Take an unforgettable […]

Get 15% Off Green River Rafting Trips…If You Leave the Kids at Home

Traveling with your kids is great, but let’s face it, a week on the Green River without your children is also pretty great. When was the last time you took some time for you and your spouse? Drop your kids off at their grandparents, let them spend the week with their BFF, grab your spouse, […]

Jimmy Kimmel Joins the Board of American Rivers

(Late night host, comedian, fly fisherman and environmentalist Jimmy Kimmel joins the board of American Rivers. Photo Credit: Angela George) A little humor goes a long way in the grueling efforts to protect our rivers Preservation efforts can take a long time and be grueling, frustrating work. Just ask Bill Dvorak, who spent 23 years […]

Colorado Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking Deals

Heading into the final month of summer vacation you’ve probably noticed that your wallet is considerably lighter. We don’t want money to get in the way of you enjoying the best whitewater rafting and kayaking that Colorado has to offer. So, to help you finish off your summer vacation with a splash we’ve put together […]