GREEN RIVER (UT) - 29th Annual Classical Music Journey - 8 DAYS

8 DAYS – GREEN RIVER in Desolation & Gray Canyons Utah
Dates: July 21-28, 2018
Limited spaces (20 persons) 

Ever sit in a concert hall listening to works from Bach, Stravinsky, Mozart, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky or Shostakovitch and wish you had some scenery to complement the music?

For over 30 years, Dvorak Expeditions has successfully provided Classical Music rafting journeys for all ages on both the Dolores River in Colorado and Green River in Utah. This experience is a one of a kind whitewater rafting experience with your own personal Green River classical music trip soundtrack resonating off the canyon walls, amphitheaters, side canyon hollows each day as we make our way down stream to the next wilderness camp. Guaranteed, you have never heard acoustics like this before.When you go on the Green River classical music trip you can leave everyday life behind as you enjoy several days of world-class whitewater rafting in Colorado or fishing. Slumber under the stars and let our professional musicians treat you to concerts throughout the day and evening. Munch on fabulous hors d’oeuvres, a fine selection of wines and gourmet meals from around the globe. After a full day of rafting, enjoy comfortable seat around the camp while your musicians tune for the evening concert and your guides prepare the evening meal or perhaps a short wonder with your guide for a side canyon hike.

We have enhanced our Green River (July 8-day) and Dolores River (June 7 day) classical music trips with extra days of relaxation to explore more of the ancient surroundings, Anasazi ruins, Fremont Indian artifacts and other historic highlights within the Dolores River (Colorado) and Green River (Utah) environs. We serve the finest gourmet delicacies on this trip, switching cuisines and countries every night from Indian to Italian and Thai to Mexican. Finally, also included on the trip are impromptu reading sessions, open rehearsals and improvised solos on wood flute for those more musically inclined. This is it! THIS is “River Magic”!

Duration: 8 days
From $2,410 per adult, $2,395 per youth

Green River Music Trip_Dvorak Expeditions_19
GREEN RIVER (UT) - Bluegrass Canyon Journey - 6 Days

Yep that’s Banjo Music…… And yes we are on the Green River deep in the Canyons of Desolation and Gray in the UTAH wilderness!

Green River – Bluegrass Canyon Journey – 6 Days
Date to be determined: August 2018

THE BANDS will be subject to change each season, call for more details:

Running Out Of Road Bluegrass Band  Running Out of Road Band
Members: Ian Lennox -Guitar, Duane Tucker-Banjo, Michelle Fletcher-Bass, Rusty Charpentier-Fiddle/Violin, Jeff Moorehead-Dobro

About the Running Out Of Road Band: Come on out to the finest bluegrass rafting trip this side of the Dixie Line, It’s Dvorak’s six day ‘Premier Bluegrass Roustabout’. Running Out of Road are a rowdy group of folks. The band Running Out Of Road is an unbiased sampling of the demographics of their hometown: Durango, Colorado– a small western town full of active and engaging people of all age groups. Durango’s residents show a greater than average proclivity for doing things out-of-doors—a commonality that figures heavily into what bonds this band together.

It is the pride of representing this small town tucked away in America’s southwest, with its dazzling, multi-hued landscape, that provides the desire to write and arrange original material. The depth and meaningful nature of the songwriting can, in part, be attributed to the fact that every member in the band is or has been an educator. The ability to hold an audience and explore a subject from both a literary and historical perspective is not lost on the fans of this entertaining bluegrass group. Running Out Of Road’s first CD reflect the ideals and notions of life in a small western town. The mystique of the old west with its swift justice, the survivalist culture of the “new” west, or historical tragedies in the mines of Colorado’s mighty San Juan Mountains all make for riveting subject matter and refreshing instrumental arrangements.

THE DVORAK’S: Dvorak’s are stepping it up this year! With a personal penchant for Bluegrass music they are ready to take Running Out Of Road Band down the Green River which will provide an acoustically outstanding natural setting to perform. The “Green River, UT Bluegrass River Journey” premier is born August 6-11, 2016.

Dvorak’s is bringing once again a new twist of music to the Desolation & Gray Canyons of the Green River in Utah. The Band will blend with the sweet melody of the morning chorus of birds, rippling sounds of the river and the drum roll of the rapids. Guests will join members of the Band on a six day Roustabout journey setting up camps under autumn starry skies, playing daily near natural canyon walls, overhangs and on beaches, stage setting set for kings and queens.

Running Out Of Road will play concerts throughout the trip.

The idea first emerged following a conversation Bill Dvorak, owner and founder of Dvorak Raft, Kayak and Fishing Expeditions, had with a friend, Phil Hanceford of the Hayward Strangers (mandolin) at a conservation event. “One year later, Running Out Of Road members agreed to sign on and the first journey of its kind for this seasoned outfitter – Dvorak’s is happening.

This concert journey usually made as a fundraiser for Conservation organizations. Dvorak’s & The Running Out Of Road may donate a significant portion of the fee/profit to preservation of our rivers, so we invite you to have an amazing week with some of the West’s most dedicated and experienced “river rats” and help protect our earth’s most precious assets. This is one of Bill and Jaci’s favorite western river canyons and they guarantee this will be one for the bucket list, life changing, inspiring experiences you’ll ever have and just plain fun!

Duration: 6 days 5 nights
Price subject to change; Adults $1725 / Youth price (12 and under)
Additional costs: Shuttle flight $200 per person from Grand Junction, CO or Green River, UT @ $175 flight, to the mesa above the launch site @ Sandwash. Taxes and government fees additional: Trip cost will include all meals, rafting and safety equipment, professional guides & staff.