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Tell us a story about what makes ours guides so great.

Why women make such fantastic river guides.

The best "Duck Tape" story from the river.

How did your river trip effect your teenager?

What happens when you match Gold Medal fishing waters and your fly rod?

Share your love of whitewater rafting with the world's best river rapid story.

Have you been down more than one river? If so which river is your favorite and why?

Why do kids rule on our family rafting trips.

Why does the river make it easy to learn new things?

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Guides Talk

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What guides love about the off season?

What is your most unforgettable guest experience?

What makes a good guide into a great guide?

What are the benefits of 'Duct Tape' and 'Bag Balm' on a river trip?

The best 3 River Books to read and why?

Why is a multi-day river adventure the best over a one day rafting trip?

Tell us about those 'River Games" and the laughter they bring on.

What's the best river HAT in the world?

Who are quickest learners on the river, guys or gals?

Tell us about the "Oscar Winner" for the best guest ever.

How has the River Life changed you in 25 words or less?

What's all the hype about "Big Water"?

What is off river like on a river adventure?

I love the ................. River because......

Why river guides are considered a little eccentric on the river?

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