ASK A GUIDE #3 | HOW and WHY I become a Whitewater Guide

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Guide Training Courses

Apply for a summer internship with Colorado’s first licensed outfitters. Learn to navigate the rivers from one of the country’s best outdoor whitewater rafting guide companies – Dvorak Expeditions

When Work Becomes Play

It was Robert Frost who said “When work becomes play, and play becomes your work – your life unfolds.” A whitewater guide can tell you from experience that this is true.  A love for the outdoors, the desire for extraordinary life experiences, and the right training can make it happen for you.

“I went on my 1st river at 14 – Ocoee River in West Va with my family. The experience was exciting, and learning to paddle our craft in the river was quite empowering for me. I was immediately hooked on paddling.” says Justin M. of Salida, Colorado. “Our guide seemed to have everything figured out – he was prepared for anything that could happen on the river. His skills for reading the river and knowing how to negotiate our actions made a huge impression on me.  He was also smiling and happy to be at work, and expressed to us that he loved his job as much as we loved our river trip – and he looks forward to it every day. ”

“Years later, after I graduated and had some education and job frustration behind me, I remembered that guide, and decided to GO FOR IT! A job I love, and a life of adventure. Of course I headed straight to Colorado, so I could be in the Mecca of American headwaters – a river guide’s dream.”

“Guiding families, groups, and adventurers at every skill level and age taught me that the world is full of great adventurers who are just waiting to be challenged and enabled. I also learned that you can enjoy the work you do and get up in the morning looking forward to it every day.” – Justin M.

If you love the outdoors, enjoy people, and crave extraordinary days in your life – YOU may be a future whitewater rafting guide. Classes begin soon, so get signed up!  We have enabled people to begin the life they are dreaming of living for over 46 years.  We also look forward to getting up and going to work every day.

Dvorak Guides at Fibark

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White water rafting guide training by Dvorak Expeditions

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Teen Whitewater Skills River Camp | 11 days | Kids learn to navigate and respect the rivers and wildlife, as well as giving them invaluable skills that will last a lifetime.

Teen Whitewater Skills Camp gives kids skills for safe boating, communication, and leadership.

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