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When it comes to baseball, there are different aspects needed to be perfected. Also, there are different age grades when it comes to baseball playing. It is vital that when you’re engaging the services of a Baseball academy, you need to get one that understands these fundamentals and more. 

At our FL Baseball academy, we have exclusive pitching coaches. We have coaches who train students specially on hitting and so on. And the icing is that they are all all-round professionals. 

At our academy, we understand the need to specify every lesson. Because it will in turn help the player to imbibe the right techniques and vitals. Comprehensive understanding of the essentials of these aspects of baseball, will see to the success of the players at real game levels.

More explicitly, we offer different baseball lessons. And they are Catching, Fielding, Pitching and Hitting. We will be concisely taking you through an overview of each lesson. You will enjoy the read.

Pitching Lessons

We offer personal training to our students with our expert baseball coaches. And we ensure the fine tuning potentials and improvement of known mechanics. Students who have taken our pitching lessons go on to become fantastic pitchers who throw with courage, precision and intentionality. 

Hitting Lessons

With personal training with our baseball coaches, each student is well observed to understand how to best build his/her confidence. Because hitting firstly needs confidence to take it on.

Our baseball coaches ensure students grow proper habits. They also ensure that they become baseball players who can create an optimal swing path. And also go past just ball contact and rip the ball of its cover.  

Catching Lessons

Catching is a very vital defensive position on the field. In fact it can be judged as the most defensive of all. Yet, it is often overlooked during training sessions. You find catchers often left to bullpen duties without being armed with adequate instruction. 

At our academy, in a one on one tutelage, we teach the art of movement and positioning in the best ways. Our students turn out to be indispensable defensive assets to any team they find themselves.

Fielding Lessons

This lesson is also Individual one on one with our baseball coaches too. Our fielding lessons prove the fastest way to develop your defensive skills. In this lesson, the cores of fielding are being taught and practiced.  Because this ability forms the bedrock of becoming a fantastic infielder. 

At our FL Baseball Academy, we offer private baseball training. And our baseball coaches are great at teaching. Players of all ages can take our baseball training courses. Also our baseball coaches work online too. As earlier mentioned, we prioritize lessons such as pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching. While we ensure that our players understand the fundamentals of these aspects.

Lastly, we do not treat our players as mere students. Once a student enrolls with us, they turn kin. We form a great relationship that spans even beyond the game of baseball.

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Florida Baseball Academy

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Florida Baseball Academy

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