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Dvorak Expeditions Are Filled with 100% Fresh Air and Vitamin G

There are many reasons to book a trip with Dvorak Expeditions. We’ve got breathtaking views, roaring rapids, tranquil nights under the stars, hiking, fishing, kayaking and much more. But besides all the physical activity and the visual beauty of the Southwestern US landscapes, there’s one reason that we always forget to talk about: The benefits of good old fashioned fresh air!

Fresh air adventures

Get your vitamin G’s Colorado river rafting or kayaking with Dvorak Expeditions

Fresh air is the best way to boost your brain, your health and emotional state of being

Most of us spend the days indoors in a stuffy office, looking longingly out the window wishing we were anywhere but inside. Even kids spend less time outside playing, and more time indoors studying (or playing video games). Family vacations have also decreased and so has national park attendance. It’s sad, but true. The good news is you can do something about it.

Spending time in green spaces will boost your vitamin “G”

Surround yourself with nature and fresh air on your white water Dvorak Expedition

Surround yourself with “green space” and fresh air on your customized white water expedition with DVK.

Yup, there’s been a lot of talk about our lack of vitamin D and how we can get more of it without being harmed by the intense rays of the sun. It’s that fine line between a healthy glow and gnarly sunburn. But vitamin G is the term dubbed by health officials for the benefits we get from simply being surrounded by things that are “green”. Vitamin “Green Space” – or vitamin G – is the all-encompassing benefits you get from spending time outdoors green spaces. A quick walk in the park has proven to lower stress, increase your brain power, make you more successful in school, and decrease ADHD symptoms. And then of course there are all the benefits of sunlight triggering your skin to make vitamin D, which is looking more and more like our own personal cancer defense system.

Colorado River rafting is a great way to get your vitamin G

Dvorak Expeditions are 100% “green space”. Let’s face it, it doesn’t get more green than rafting down the Green River! Talk to us about your family needs for a fun filled outdoor, fresh air vacation. We can customize the trip to suit every family member, from half day trips, to multi-day trips floating, rafting or kayaking down the many rivers of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and more. Your adrenaline will be pumping as you take on class II-V rapids, you’ll experience breathtaking views of towering canyon walls, mountains and wildlife, and after delicious campfire meals you’ll fall asleep under the stars waking up rested and ready to take on the next adventure.  Come along on a DVK expedition, guided by the best outdoor guides in the river rafting industry. This is an adventure you won’t forget, and the lasting impact of a “green” vacation is priceless. Book your adventure now, and reap the benefits for a lifetime to come.

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