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Celebrate Colorado’s Trails on National Trails Day

Hiking the many trails through Colorado’s vast and breathtaking landscape can help you forget all your troubles and just breathe, if only for a few hours. This June 6th, 2015 is National Trails Day, so what better way to celebrate our trails than lacing up your hiking boots and heading out into the wild. But with anything wild, you must take some safety precautions, even if you think you’ll just be gone for a short time. Colorado weather is unpredictable, and so is nature. Safety should always come first.

Colorado moutain biking

Add a mountain bike, hike, horseback or ATV ride on the many Colorado trails on your DVK expedition.

Safety tips to exploring Colorado’s trails and wilderness

Know where you are going – having a map is always a good idea. So is familiarizing yourself with the landscape before you head out. If you plan to go off trail bring a compass and/or a GPS (with fresh batteries)

Let someone know where you are going – tell a friend or family member where you are going, or leave a note on our car with information.

Avoid storms by leaving early – Colorado has unpredictable weather and you don’t want to be caught off guard in a thunder/lighting storm. Most storms will form in the afternoon, so taking off early can potentially help you avoid getting caught in a storm.

Grab your friends and hit the trails on National Trails Day June 6th and remember why you live in Colorado in the first place.

Grab your friends and hit the trails on National Trails Day June 6th and remember why you live in Colorado in the first place.

Know you physical limits – Colorado is absolutely gorgeous and there is a new breathtaking view waiting around every bend. But know your limits. Don’t overexert yourself, no matter how inspired you are by the landscape and scenery.

Carry an audible or visual signal in case of emergency – a whistle or a signal mirror are great accessories for your hike. And something to start a fire ain’t bad, either. You just never know.

Bring your own water – Don’t get so caught up in being “one with nature” that you forget that that crystal clear stream or lake you come across is not as clean as it looks. Bring your own water, and plenty of it.

Hiking in a group is always safer than heading out alone.

Hiking in a group is always safer than heading out alone.

Wear appropriate hiking attire – Wear hiking boots and clothing that can breathe and dry quickly. Cotton is soft and comfortable, but once it gets wet and sweaty it will stay wet and sweaty. Wool or fleece clothing is best for hiking. And wear layers so that you can remove items as you start to work up a sweat.

Bring rain gear – did we mention the weather is unpredictable here in Colorado. Even in the spring and summer. Don’t get caught at the top of the mountain without a raincoat.

Add a hike to your Colorado white water rafting trip

You can customize your white water rafting adventure with DVK to include a hike or a mountain bike through the valleys, mountains and wilderness of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas and Idaho. Just give us a call and we can arrange for you to hike through ancient ruins, see lost civilizations, wildlife and breathtaking views. You can hike, mountain bike, horseback ride or ATV through the wilderness before paddling out and take on the river rapids. It’s your adventure, we’re just along for the ride. Call to book the perfect multi-sport summer vacation on one of the many rivers of the great Southwestern United States. Our guides are standing by to give you the white water experience of a lifetime.