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“Born of Water” I was once called

esterillos 2In my family I can trace back a profound love of water at least for 4 generations. I have been told my great grandmother on my moms side was an exceptional free diver, which was not very common for women back then. My grandfather, was a boat captain and a free diver as well. My uncle followed his footsteps and has a Sport Fishing boat. My mom naturally did not fall too far from the “pond”, she also swam competitively all her life, being able to complete two Ironmans in Hawaii (1988-1989).

In my personal experience, I have always been drawn to water. At first I just thought I really loved the ocean (who wouldn’t?). But as I grew up and was distracted by other things and was forced to be away from water for a very long time, I realized how truly unhappy I was! And I was truly able to understand it more comprehensively once I moved next to the Ocean full time.

If I am not regularly surfing, fishing or snorkeling my Operating System starts to send distress signals. In the ocean or at the rivers I fish, I feel complete, I feel at peace… I do not feel I am wasting my time, before I die. And that made all the difference, and I feel blessed to have been able to figure it out.

Once I was in the Cost Rican Caribbean coast, and I was speaking to an older fisherman, who told me… Those of us who feel this way are “Born of Water”. I did not understand much more of what he wanted to say over his thick Rastafarian accent :-), but those words stuck to me “We are Born of Water”.

If you feel this passion, for the aquatic element, we know how you feel!! Join us we will give you what you want!!


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