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8 Reasons To Add Raft Guide To Your Life Resume

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Looking for a career change? Or the perfect summer job? Look no further.  We have got you covered! We have gathered some of our favorite reasons why we think you should add Raft Guide to your resume.

1. Learn To Read Water:

One of the main differences between boat lovers and raft guides is the extensive training that a person must go through. In guide training, you will learn how to examine, rate, and navigate rivers and rapids. Here at DVK we do not just teach you how to run one river but several rivers throughout the southwest. This gives people to confidence to run any rivers that come along there way.

2. Learn Proper River Saftey

Another plus of going through guide training is learning proper river safety and swift water rescue. We teach all of our guides on how to avoid dangerous situations and what to do if they find themselves of others in a bad situation. This includes learning how to swim rapids, flip boats, rope techniques, situation management, and so much more.

3. Spend Time In The Outdoors:

Ready to spend you Summer outside? Then raft guiding is for you. Enjoy countless days on multiple rivers, camping under the stars, and soaking up hot springs. Thats right the wilderness just became your office!

4. Stoke The Stoke:

What’s better than passing your passion on to someone else. Here at DVK we love stoking other people stoke. Why? Because it makes us feel good to give someone else the passion of the outdoors and rivers to others. Sharing your passion and stoke just adds to your own passion giving you a greater appreciation for rafting.

5. Travel:

Although Dvorak Expeditions is located along the beautiful Arkansas River, we guide on eight other rivers as well. This allows guides to travel and learn about multiple rivers. Hanging out in the Ark Valley also open up doors to raft rivers all over the country, jumping on trips with friends and coworkers.

6. Become An Outdoors Cook:

A big part of raft guiding is overnight trips and multiple day trips. We teach our guides on how to be the best possible chief in the outdoors. Learning to master the Dutch oven will not only get you good tips but impress anyone on your future camping trips.

7. Become Diverse On The River:

The truth is… Raft Guides do not just raft…you have lots of options! Learn to kayak, Stand up Paddle Board, fly fish, duckie, and so much more! After a summer of DVK you will be able to teach people any of these awesome sports.

8. Make Lifelong Freinds:

One of the best parts about a summer of guiding is the friends you will meet. Your coworkers are your neighbors, boat mates, and buds here at DVK. Campfires, after work boating, and dinners together allow guides to really get to know each other and leave DVK with life long friendships.

If you love the river and the outdoors and these things sounds appealing to you come join the team at DVK.

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