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10 Reasons To Go Fly Fishing

a small boat in a body of water
We all have that one friend who is absolutely obsessed with fly fishing? If you have never spent a day out fly fishing on the river you might think it is odd to be so invested in an outdoor sport. But we got some news for you. You’re missing out! Young or old, fly fishing is for everyone.  Here are our top reasons to get you, your friends, and your family out on the river with a fly rod today! 

1. It Takes Brains

We will admit fly fishing is not the easiest sport to just jump into. Learning proper technique can take a bit, but over time it will come with ease. However, the technique isn’t everything.  Knowing what fly to use, fish feeding habits, river knowledge, and insect hatches are all key to become a well rounded and skilled angler. If you love reading, learning, and trial and error this sport will keep you on your toes!

2. It’s A Good Workout 

Although fly fishing is a peaceful and calming activity you so still get your body moving. Rowing a boat, wade fishing upstream on the Arkansas River, and even just walking down to the river are all great ways to get your body in motion.

3. Improves Concentration

being outside alone improves your concentration. Getting away from screens and the fast-paced culture helps to keep the mind focused. Learning to tie flies and focusing on what needs to be done to get the catch of the day is also a great way to tame the mind and narrow your focus.

4. Go Solo Or In A Group 

Whether you’re looking for a social gathering with friends or a day out alone fly fishing is the perfect sport for you. It’s the perfect group activity to get the crew together for a weekend trip. However, it’s also the ideal activity to spend some time with just you and nature.

5. Get Outside

Just in case you forgot… The outdoors is the best medicine out there! Sunshine and fresh air do the body wonders.

6. Relaxing & Stress Relieving

The sound of running water, the birds chirping, and that peaceful quiet that nature provides will leave you relaxed and recharged. Bonus points if you unplug for a bit and leave the cell phone behind or wade into that glorified no cell service zone.

7. It’s A Lifelong Hobby 

Kids to seniors can indulge in fly fishing. Learn your way around a fly fishing rod and you will have a lifetime of fishing days on the river. Pass it down to your friends and family and keep the sport around for generations to come.

8. Spark Up A Conversation

There’s a reason its called a fish story.  Meet new people out on the water, or bring your best mate to chat with for the trip. Either way, there is no shortage of unique and interesting people that fish. Float fishing down the Gunnison River will turn everyone in the raft into lifelong friends.  If you’re lucky they might even teach you a thing or two.

9. Fresh Dinner 

Fish Tacos? Trout fillet? We’re getting hungry just thinking about it! Impress your next dinner guests with some freshly caught dinner.

10. It’s A Whole Lot Of Fun

If it wasn’t so much fun we wouldn’t do it.  Whether you catch a boatload of fish or none at all, there is never a bad day out on the river. Fly fishing takes patience but once you get it down it is satisfying and addicting. But don’t take our word for it to get out and try it!

DVK has fly fishing trips and lessons for everyone, from experts to never-evers.