Arkansas River Fishing

The Gunnison Gorge is a 14-mile wilderness journey that combines magnificent scenery with one of the finest fisheries. This is the type of trip that should be on the list of every angler. The Gunnison River is the second biggest river in Colorado and is known for offering some of the best lake and river fishing in the state. The river is 180-mile long, and it forms its confluence by the East rivers and Taylor rivers.

The river offers exceptional fly fishing year-round, thus making it an ideal place for fly fishing where experienced and beginner anglers alike can land exceptional catches. If you are planning your next trip to Gunnison River, here are the things you need to know to make the most out of your fishing trip.

Best Places to Fish in the Gunnison River

This river has 2 Gold Medal water stretches, with each having distinct characteristics that provide unique opportunities for fishing.

The Lower Gunnison Basin: While the Lue Mesa Reservoir is one of Gunnison River’s biggest points and is home to the famed Kokanee salmon fishery, the Black Canyon’s Gunnison Gorge downstream is one of the most popular lower basins among the anglers. The more than 20-inch rainbow trout that swim in these rivers is one of the major reasons for its popularity.

The Upper Gunnison Basin​​: This basin is known to offer some of the finest fishing in the state. The waters house several species, from cutthroat and mackinaw to brook trout, rainbow trout, tiger trout, and cut bow. Some record-breakers in these waters include rainbow trout and mackinaw that is longer than 40 inches.

Best Time to Fish in the Gunnison River

Fishing in the Gunnison Rivers is usually tough during the winter, so they are only for the heartiest of anglers. Caddisfly larva imitations, midge larva and nymphs will fish moderately from late March until the runoff that happens in May. The major hatches and dry fly fishing are usually in full force in the summer. Salmon fly first big hatch happens from mid-June until early July, which leads to overall much better fishing. Kokanee salmon start their run upriver to spawn in August through October. When the fishes start moving out of the lake into the river, this is a great time to catch big trout.

Gunnison River Fishing Regulations

No matter whether you want to go fishing on or around Gunnison Rivers, it is important to know about all the regulations and abide by them. Keep in mind that different areas of the Gunnison can have different regulations, so it is always good to check them up before going fishing.

Arkansas River Fishing

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