Dvorak’s Team of Guides and Staff Make this a Family Affair!

For more than 45 years now the Dvorak family; Bill, Jaci, Matt, and Anicka have owned and operated all their expeditions in the U.S.  They have been outfitting whitewater adventure trips in the Southwestern USA on 8 different rivers and over 28 canyons.  It’s not unusual to call DVK with questions and find Bill or Jaci Dvorak answering the phone and they will answer those questions anytime.

We are proud to have trained and hired hundreds of guides in the past 45 years.  Many of our professional team have been with us 10 years or more.  They are experienced, personable (to say nothing of fun), they take your vacation very serious no matter what you choose to participate in; rafting, kayaking, stand up paddling, fishing, multi-sport combinations and if learning a new skill is your goal – we’ve got the expert instructors to make it happen . We hand pick our guides from our guide training courses.

Bill Dvorak’s guide training stems from his own life long participation in all kinds of adventures around the world and his teaching degrees in experiential education.  You will find him on the main guide training and instructs with his son Matt most of the Rescue 3 -Swift water rescue courses.  He has honed a whitewater training program demonstrating the important skills of leadership, leave no trace and flora-fauna seminars, river geology and conservation/sustainable ethics for our natural world. Safety comes very important in their training requirements; First aid and CPR, whitewater and swift water rescue technicians each and everyone. He also works for the National Wildlife Federation as Colorado’s public lands coordinator for the past 10+ years. 

Your DVK guides and staff are customer focused and are always learning new tricks from our guests, who share their knowledge as well to make for unique group dynamics throughout our trips. They are local “experts” about the geography, environment and natural resources of the land and rivers we operate in. Our crews are highly versatile and multi-talented individuals who are responsible for water safety awareness for guests, food preparation, trip logistical planning and creating a hassle free adventure.  Anyone who may have  taken a whitewater adventure will know their guides will makes that trip ‘River Magic’.

Learn more about our DVK guides and staff that we are so very proud to have on our team.  If you want to request a favorite guide, ask early in the season and we will try to match you up for your next trip, understand that your specific river request may not fit their summer trip schedule.

Join us today for your first trip or as a repeat guest for DEALS. Dvorak Expedition’s outdoor raft, kayak, fishing, multi-sport and more adventures on 8 rivers in the southwestern USA.  Let us share our whitewater MAGIC! with you!

  • Jaci Dvorak
    Jaci Dvorak Co Owner
  • Matt Dvorak
    Matt Dvorak Co Owner
  • Nate Pedersen
    Nate Pedersen Head River Guide
  • Dane Norris
    Dane Norris River Guide
  • Sarah Hammond
    Sarah Hammond River Guide
  • Lia Applegarth
    Lia Applegarth River Guide
  • Katie Whitaker
    Katie Whitaker River Guide
  • Anicka Olsen
    Anicka Olsen River Guide
  • Bradley Noone
    Bradley Noone River Guide
  • Jake “Gorgeous George” Schalamon
    Jake “Gorgeous George” Schalamon River Guide
  • Kelsey Hewitt
    Kelsey Hewitt River Guide