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Rio Grande River – White Water Exploration

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Raft the white water from Mexico back into Texas with Dvorak Expeditions in the lower canyons (San Francisco, Regan and Panther Canyons) of the famous Rio Grande River or travel by raft through Big Bend National Park in Texas. A wilderness trip through the canyons of the Rio Grande River includes quiet stretches of river flows punctuated with rollicking rapids, side hikes to old homesteads and the mysterious and beautiful Candellila plant ruins where Mexicans melted the Candillila plant to make candles many years ago.

Lower Canyons / Regan Canyon                 BOOK 7 DAY

90 miles | Class II-III | 7 days The Rio Grande River winds through the solitude and silence of deep chasms, rocky flats and desert mountains that characterize the Texas/Mexico border. This southern wilderness provides enjoyable water temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s with daytime highs of 70 to 90 degrees. The desert erupts into a sea of colorful desert wildflowers during March and April and is not to be missed! The pace offers both time to perfect boating skills with instruction or relax on the rafts. Come enjoy with one of the top Colorado rafting companies the “Hot Springs”, which a truly relaxing Mexican getaway for river rafting enthusiasts.

Colorado and Santa Elena Canyons            BOOK 3 DAY

19 & 21 Miles | Class II – III + | 1 – 4 days (Thanksgiving Holiday) Warm sun, spectacular canyons and moderate rapids make this trip perfect for a family Thanksgiving Holiday especially since you are able to float through Big Bend National Park in Texas. This is also an excellent trip for inflatable kayaks with full raft support.The Colorado Canyon on the Rio Grande River cuts through igneous rock, offering fun rapids of moderate challenge (Class II and III). In Santa Elena Canyon, you will raft beneath magnificent sheer limestone walls towering 1,500 feet above you. Rockslide Rapid is sure to get your blood pumping in excitement! Please note: Groups are required of 10 or more for all one day trips. Discounts do apply.

Specialty Trips:

Rio Grande River Spring Break River Trip:  March & April TRIPS

The Rio Grande spring break vacation is a river expedition that offers a great opportunity to college students who want a spring break that is unique and adventurous or an excellent chance to learn to kayak beginner to intermediate levels.  These week long trips are available thought-out March and April along the Rio Grande on the Texas and Mexico Border.  These Rio Grande spring break vacation trips are also an excellent “spring break” for families who want warm weather, water, camping and the perfect get away from a long winter.  There are youth fares for children under 13 years and a special date where a CHILD under 13 goes FREE!

Rio Grande River Instructional Seminar:   BOOK 4 DAY | BOOK 7 DAY

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