White Water Teen Camp

Teenage Whitewater Skills River Camp

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In response to the demand for a wilderness oriented Colorado River whitewater rafting skills training for youth under age 18, Dvorak Expeditions has added a 22-day whitewater course. It was specially designed to teach not only the value of river wilderness, ecology and minimum impact camping, but preservation of these resources. We teach the necessary river skills and safety techniques needed while giving individuals the chance to negotiate numerous rivers and improve their abilities in a variety of crafts: rafts, kayaks, canoes and inflatable kayaks.

Teenage Whitewater Skills Camp
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Section I

Day 1

Dvorak’s transport to the first river 5-6 day trip. The river May vary with each course. Call to confirm arrival details. Equipment orientation pack up and launching to occur this day.

Days 2-8

On Green River for Colorado River whitewater rafting (Desolation & Gray Canyons).

Day 8

Take out from Green or Dolores river trip and transport to Gunnison River with stop in Green River or Grand Junction for clean up and re-supply.

Section II

Day 9

Horse pack equipment down Chukar trail for Gunnison River trip.

Day 10-11

Gunnison River or San Miguel RiverTrip.

Day 11

Take out from Gunnison River and transport to Arkansas Valley base camp in Nathrop, Colorado.

Days 12-16

Training on various sections of the Arkansas River with two days available for mountain biking, peak hiking, fishing, hot springs pools, alternate activities.

Section IV

Days 17-19

Swiftwater Rescue Technician I (Training and course) Certificate

Days 20-21

Final Colorado River whitewater rafting sessions with choice in raft, kayak, inflatable etc.


Day 22

Final Debriefing & equipment check in. Pre-arranged departure to Denver or Colorado Springs Airport. Confirm departure time. Pick up from Nathrop mid-day.

Actual trip itinerary may vary due to environmental or logistical considerations. Alternatives may include one of the 8 other rivers.

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