Kayak Clinics

Join Dvorak Expeditions in our custom designed white water curriculum. The design of the classes is to give you an in-depth understanding of river running, the reparation environment, the need to understand and protect it, and river rescue techniques. Skill building in opening lines of communication, enhancing self-image, improving group interaction, and emphasizing self-reliance skills are also key areas of learning.

The basic instructional areas within our clinics include:

  • Equipment selection
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Reading river flows, lines
  • Scouting and running rapids
  • Rescue and evacuation techniques
  • Minimum impact camping

Specific whitewater skills you will be taught include:

  • Basic strokes
  • Ferrying
  • Eddy turns
  • River hydrology
  • River etiquette
  • Wet and dry exits (kayaking)
  • Eskimo roll (kayaking)

Arkansas River: Kayak/Raft/Canoe Instruction Paddling Clinics

ARKANSAS RIVER:                   BOOK 1 DAY  | BOOK 2 DAY | BOOK 3 DAY | BOOK 4 DAY | BOOK 5 DAY

COLORADO RIVER:                  BOOK 1 DAY | BOOK 2 DAY | BOOK 3 DAY

GUNNISON RIVER:                  BOOK 1 DAY | BOOK 2 DAY

DOLORES RIVER:                      BOOK 3 DAY | BOOK 5 DAY | BOOK 8 DAY | BOOK 10 DAY

GREEN RIVER:                         BOOK 6 DAY


SALMON RIVER:                       BOOK 6 DAY

“Private” Classes “Check out our 1/2 day and 1 day Paddling School for some “one on one”!”

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