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  1. Jaci- Our hotel is “The Country Lodge”, we’ll be there for the start of our trip on June 18 and will need to be dropped back there Friday after the trip.

    Thanks – Geoff

  2. G’day Bob,
    Thank you for your interest and we’ll send you the group packet of info in another email from one of our adventure specialists. We can give you the best of our more than 45 years of outfitting with professional guides who know rivers all over the world and we’ll throw in the personal touch only Dvorak’s knows how to do! Thanks again and we’ll be in touch. Jaci & Bill Dvorak

  3. Hello. Our company booked a trip down the Arkansas (Royal Gorge) last year with one of your competitors. We had such a great time that we want to book another trip this year. After discussing lessons learned we wanted to look at other company offers and quotes.

    We are looking to book a full day trip on 21 June. I’m expecting between 25-30 riders.

    Can you please provide a group rate and what your trip offers?

    I appreciate your time.


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