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Map of Our Rivers

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Colorado Rafting Vacations

Arkansas River, Colorado
Colorado River, Colorado
Dolores River, Colorado
Gunnison River, Colorado
Green River, Utah
North Platte River, Colorado/Wyoming
Rio Grande, Texas
San Miguel River, Colorado

Salmon River Rafting, Idaho

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We have spent over 35 years pioneering adventure travel in America’s West, taking our guests on river adventures across 11 rivers spanning Colorado, Utah, Texas, New Mexico and Idaho and know we have a river trip which is just what you are looking for.

Are you interested in serious Class IV white water rafting on the Arkansas River? Or perhaps you would rather go fly fishing on one of our famous float trips on the Gunnison River? Learning to kayak with your kids offers yet another fun activity – or there’s always just kicking back with a glass of red wine to some classical music echoing up the canyon walls of the Green River or the Dolores River.