Here’s a great Easter Basket Surprise!

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Kids Go Free!
Green River – Special Dates!

Let’s go rafting down the sunny Easter Trail!  Dvorak’s will give you 15% off any of our trips – your choice!  Till Easter April 20th, 2014

Call us at 800 842-3795 or book it online with code:  Easter15  

Happy Easter Friends and Family.

2 thoughts on “Here’s a great Easter Basket Surprise!

  1. Heather,
    We are still holding out on the final snow-pack levels and what part of the Dolores will run for us this season. It’s an awesome snow-pack season for Colo. Your discount offer 10% (not sure where you found this) should be for any river trip we offer. Just FYI: If the Dolores does not run we do substitute the San Miguel as it is free flowing and runs into the Dolores for a longer trip down to Gateway for 8 days. The biggest guess is for the Ponderosa Gorge upper Dolores as it comes directly out of McPhee Reservoir and regulated by Bureau of Reclamation. Call us to let us help you with the best trip to pick. Thanks Jaci D. 719 539-6851

  2. I was considering doing the Dolores River many day adventure, but not sure I can afford the 8 day that I have my eye on. If I book and pay a lower amount of days and bump up, would you still be willing to do 10% off?
    PS. Does the good snowpack affect the white water for this river, someone mentioned that a reservoir controls the water – so great snowpack (and I’m not sure it is as great in the SW as Eagle County) may not enhance the conditions – like I am assuming, as it is regulated anyway.

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